• Dogs and Trains

    Are dogs allowed on German trains? Is there a fee associated with bringing your furry friend on board? What happens if you cross international boarders? Daisy has compiled her notes for you over the past few months and is eager to share her experiences 😊 The first item to be aware of is that there…

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  • First Haircuts

    When you move to a new country, you may not initially consider planning for how you will receive common services. We had a game plan for the major logistical necessities, like bank accounts and housing; but scheduling dental cleanings, receiving beauty services, establishing veterinary care, and things of similar nature were less pressing. Luckily, we…

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  • Brezel – Brezen – Pretzels

    Okay. It’s time to come clean. My name is Morgan and I am a pretzel addict. I don’t have a desire to change though, so please don’t try an intervention 🥨😝 I’ll eat them topped with cheese or plain. I’ll eat them on a train or in the rain. I would not, could not give…

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