• Jumping into the New Year

    This lap around the sun has been a beautiful one. While I could surely find some visuals to represent this, I don’t know that I could really capture it all in a highlight reel. There was so much that happened between the photos; where we made decisions and pushed past what we thought was possible.…

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  • O Tannenbaum

    Evergreen trees have special meaning for people around the globe during the winter holidays. Did you know that the Germans can be thanked for starting the tradition of Christmas trees (and ornaments)? Evergreens have long been seen as a symbol of everlasting life. The first known use of a Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday…

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  • What is Glühwein? Was ist Glühwein?

    I received some comments on my last post inquiring about Glühwein – what it is, what it tastes like, if I was a fan, etc. Initially, I was dismissive. Psh, what kind of crazy person doesn’t know what Glühwein is?!? But then I realized that just a few months ago, I had never had Glühwein…

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