• First Haircuts

    When you move to a new country, you may not initially consider planning for how you will receive common services. We had a game plan for the major logistical necessities, like bank accounts and housing; but scheduling dental cleanings, receiving beauty services, establishing veterinary care, and things of similar nature were less pressing. Luckily, we…

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  • Brezel – Brezen – Pretzels

    Okay. It’s time to come clean. My name is Morgan and I am a pretzel addict. I don’t have a desire to change though, so please don’t try an intervention 🥨😝 I’ll eat them topped with cheese or plain. I’ll eat them on a train or in the rain. I would not, could not give…

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  • 15,000 step days to passenger princess

    Since our arrival in Germany, Austin and I completely embraced walking. It may have begun somewhat out of necessity for us, as we did not have a car or know much about the area, but regardless, walking quickly became a core feature of our new lifestyle. Garmisch is a naturally beautiful place, that literally begs…

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